Designing a Community-Driven News Platform

Open up the newsroom by crowd-sourcing questions and determining investigation by popular vote.

Curious City is a news-gathering experiment that encourages its audience to ask questions about their city, region or city's people. After questions are asked, the community votes online to decide which ones the station will investigate.
Engaging Quickly
To encourage immediate participation, the site opens to the questions currently up for voting. Past submissions and current investigations are easily accessible through the main navigation. 
The submission for questions is a simple 3-step process: the question, contact information and preview. Users can remain anonymous and choose crowd sourced photography to add visual context to their question.  
Adapting to Behavior 
After launching our first prototype and analyzing user behavior, we discovered an opportunity to clarify our process through a new navigation structure and lower the barrier to question submission by playfully adding the first step (the question composition) into the global site structure. This allowed the user to be reminded and inspired on any page of the site to tell us they wonder about Chicago.  
UX Strategy: Lindsey Wagner
Producer/Journalist: Jennifer Brandel
Partners: WBEZ, AIR, CPB, Zeega
Designers: Plural

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