Along with a team of over ten other researchers, I helped document the stories of individuals applying for pandemic unemployment. Our goal was to present these stories in real-time to policy-makers as legislation lay in the hands of congress to continue providing relief to millions. Our interviews were in depth but conversational in nature. During the 2 month research project, we presented weekly research findings on how individuals were coping and navigating relief during the crisis.
In the interviews, we try to answer a few focus questions: 
     - What’s the living and working situation like, generally, and how are things different during COVID-19?
     - Why were they trying to get benefits and how did it go? 
     - Are they getting help? What kinds? How is it, asking for, getting, and using this help? 
     - What are they doing to keep things together for themselves and their family? 
     - What are the big takeaways that the world should know about this story?

As a team, we collaboratively synthesized all 33 stories into themed briefs and visualizations.  I co-authored the brief summarizing the patterns we found in barriers and pain points and helped visually document the variance in wait-times and customer service seen in some of our interviews. 

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